As part of the rebranding and relaunch of 93FE, I was commissioned to produce a series of content which included video, photos, live streaming and a time lapse of the refurb.

As well as working with the designer, marketing team etc. I brought my own crew on board who helped me carry out various shooting aspects of the project. Thanks to Kris Humphreys and George Lunt!

Launch Video / Logo animation

Prior to launch I worked closely with the graphic designer and rest of the team to produce a video promoting the launch dates and lineups. Rich NXT provided the custom sound track.

As the club was being refitted we decided to use conceptual shots around Brick Lane as well as design elements form the artwork to make the style unique to 93.


During the launch I used a two man crew to capture footage from around the venue and of key artists. This footage was then cut into the an after movie used to promote Feb/Mar lineups.

Having extra hands also allowed me up to do some live streaming (next section).

Live Streaming

Live streaming has definitely become a main stay of online promotion and is yet to reach it's full potential. This being the case, I wanted to include a stream from the launch event. Unfortunately due to internet speeds I could only stream in 480p (hence it's quite pixelated).

I used an external audio source as well as virtual camera angles to keep the stream engaging.

You can see the stream here.


Photos started during the teaser campaign. We were tasked with getting shots of the posters up around London, George took this on and sent the photos to me to be edited. These were used as part of the teaser campaign.

During the launch party we (Kris and I) captured candid shots of the venue and artists to create an event gallery. I developed a grade which uses the 93 red to strengthen the visual identity.

Once all construction works had been completed, Kris and I went to the venue to capture the in/exterior photos.

You can find full event listings and more info at www.93feeteast.co.uk

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